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This is my test post to test photos for our entry.

Adventures Of a Curly Fry

One man’s food is another man’s art.  Thank you Arby’s for giving me a little entertainment in my combo meal today!

I call this…Whale of a Tale

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Don’t worry Apple, I’m still available…

Well, I did it.  I’ve officially cut my cable.  Between pointless summer TV that’s about to take over and the fact that, with a newborn, I don’t have much time to watch it anyway - it wasn’t such a hard decision after all.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going away completely.  I will make time for my fave shows.  I’m just going about it a little differently.  And I’m expecting advertisers to get a little more creative to get to me. 

We’ve setup our new Apple TV, bookmarked Hulu, and souped-up our Internet all ready to download episodes of Glee and Grey’s Anatomy at our leisure.  Sure, I’ll watch a 30-second spot before my 30 Rock starts, but what else ‘ya got?  It can be subtle like this season’s Top Chef hopefuls dashing in to Whole Foods or you can hit me over the head with it like a full-on in-show love song for Ford’s latest and greatest by the American Idol top 10.  I welcome the challenge of making me notice your sprinkled in shots of Coca-Cola cups and iPads. 

Curious who’s doing it the most?  According to Product Placement News, the most used product placement in Hollywood is, not shocking, Apple.  Well, because they’re the cool kids, that’s why.  Even Britney is getting in on the action.  In her latest video for “Hold It Against Me”, which I suffered through for research, she plugs Make Up Forever, Sony and her own perfume in the first 30 seconds.

One of my recent favorites was Gwyneth Paltrow as the fun-loving substitute on Glee.  She was the product placement!  Even if I didn’t see any of the Country Strong ads at every commercial break, I would have thought “why is Gwyneth here…and then…what is she promoting?” 

Now the real question is, will your strategically placed leggy blonde make me wanna go out and buy what she’s selling?  Maybe.  I’m probably not immediately putting the Bissell Little Green on my shopping list after seeing it used in Sell This House.  But I will take note and file it away for the next time my daughter spits up on the carpet yet again. 

I, personally, appreciate being pursued by your crafty (or blatant) plugs, so keep it up.  And if Rachel Berry calls an emergency Glee Club practice from her iPhone 5, you might just find me camped out in line this summer. 

So what are the best product placements you’ve seen?